Why Do You Need PKI Token?

PKI Token is used to secure access, authorize and identify users, it helps businesses perform securely. In the 21-century the everyday business activities are technology and internet reliant from communications, emails, online transactions Etc.¬† In the meanwhile, Cyber-attacks have developed as well. Cyber-attacks lead to many types of damages to entities that vary according to the entity size. Cyber-attacks could lead to the theft of valuable and sensitive data like financial records, medical records, and client database and information. Other types of cyber-attacks can disrupt networks or paralyze systems, making data unavailable resulting in delayed services and loss of clients, or causing complete data loss, disclosure of confidential data, changing critical information in a system, stealing from the bank accounts, etc. Other damages could be very critical as breaches of national security secrets. Cyber-attacks affects businesses negatively as they harm companies’ reputation and Goodwill and affect them financially and economically.

Data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first half of 2019. (RiskBased)

What is PKI Token?

What is PKI Token ?

Authentication, Encryption and Digital Signatures

Token works with a technology that is responsible of storing digital certificates and private keys, which are used to encrypt and decrypt messages and signing documents digitally.
TrustSec PKI Tokens enable entities and enterprises to communicate securely through securing the transfer of information through a network, and reliably verifying the identity of users via digital signature.

    • Authenticate and encrypt e-mail messages and documents.
    • Securing e-mail messages and documents through digital signature.
    • Authentication and/or authorization of users Access to Domains, networks, and applications.
    • Authorization of a user to an application giving rights to access and perform certain functions.
Why TrustSec Token?

Why TrustSEc PKI Token ?

TrustSec provides two and multifactor authentication PKI Tokens which are compatible with both RSA standards and Microsoft standards, which are commonly used by most of the applications to perform their secure operations, some applications are listed as following:

  • Driverless USB Device
  • Compatible with both RSA standards
  • Compatible with microsoft standards
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Hardware Security
  • Hardware Storage
  • International Standards Compliance

Secure Email Access, Digitally signed documents and emails, authorized access to Domians and Networks and limited authorities to users.



1- What are tokens and who should use them?

Tokens are gadgets used to carry an encrypted message that ensures that just the receiver of the message will be able to access it, and they are aimed to everyone which has the interest of keeping their information away from cyberattacks.

2- What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is a series of phases of authentication that have the purpose of ensuring the highest security possible.

3- What is two-factor authentication?

There are three main types of authentication, which are pin, piece of hardware, and biometrical, two-factor authentication consists in two of those three main types of authentications.

4- What is a PKI token?

This type of token works with a technology that is responsible of storing digital certificates and private keys, which are used to encrypt and decrypt messages.