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About TrustSEC


TrustSEC is a leading company in the information security field, founded by internationally recognized information security and cryptography experts. TrustSEC focuses on developing innovative highly secure hardware and software solutions that serve securing identities in the digital transformation of governmental and financial services.

TrustSEC offers a wide pool of secure hardware and software solutions based on its uniquely, in-house developed operating system for smart cards- SLCOS; namely Biometric smartcards, Biometric tokens, and security keys with a variety of in-house developed applets running over it; Biometric FIDO2 applet, Biometric PKI applet as Authentication and identification solutions, and Contactless Common payment application CPACE as a Payment solution, in addition to other customized applets.

TrustSEC is whilst also excelling in performing research and development to produce the most innovative security solutions up-to-date that respond to the uprising cyber security threats and cope with the latest technology trends.


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Smart Cards

Contact, contactless, dual and USB Smart cards that provide personal identification, authentication, data storage, and application processing

Enterprise Guard

Guarding your enterprise main functions; Access, communicaton, data exchange, storage and backup through our customizable solutions

Mobile App Shield

Protecting your mobile apps against malware and cyber attacks


Confidential communication application customized upon the organization need


One time password solutions

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing and Recruiting programmers services

What Makes Us Different 


Highly secure solutions to protect enterprises and individuals


Customizable solutions based on clients needs and requirements


Investing in Research and development as it is the essence of providing new technologies and coping with rapidly changing industry

Available For Any Projects

How Can We Help You ?

Technology Partner


We seek Technology partnership that can create the synergy needed to provide unique and industry-defining technologies. We Offer our security solutions to complete our partners’ solutions. Our customizable solutions will enable our partners to enhance their footprint significantly by providing the state of the art technology solutions.

Business Solutions


Customizable Security solutions to protect the business against Cyber attacks through securing the essential functions; Access, communication, data exchange, storage, and backup

Outsourcing Services


Outsourcing and recruiting high experienced IT staff on your behalf. We have a strong staff consisting of 100+ professionals who are available on hire for full-time, part-time and hourly basis as per requested.  Our various projects allowed us to work on a variety of software and applications. Let us help you

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