TrustSEC Launches FIDO CTAP 2.1, Elevating Security Solutions for Global Users


Szczecin, Poland – June 7, 2023 – TrustSEC, the leading provider of smartcard operating systems and applets, is thrilled to announce the release of FIDO CTAP 2.1. This milestone achievement marks a significant step forward in the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge security solutions to individuals and organizations worldwide.
The latest release from TrustSEC comes with enhanced features and functionalities designed to meet the evolving security needs of the digital landscape. With FIDO CTAP 2.1, users can expect advanced security measures that ensure robust protection for their sensitive information.


Key Highlights of FIDO CTAP 2.1:

Enhanced Security Measures: Robust security measures have been implemented to mitigate potential threats and attacks, ensuring a higher level of protection for our clients’ sensitive data and systems.

Expanded Device Support: TrustSEC FIDO CTAP 2.1 extends compatibility to a broader range of devices, allowing users to leverage various authenticators, such as fingerprint readers, security keys, and biometric sensors.

Streamlined Deployment: The deployment process has been simplified, making it easier for organizations to integrate FIDO2 authentication into their existing systems and infrastructure, reducing implementation time and effort.

Improved User Experience: TrustSEC FIDO CTAP 2.1 focuses on optimizing the user experience, ensuring a seamless and intuitive authentication process, thereby enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.

FIDO CTAP2.1 Packaging by TrustSEC empowers clients with the ease of secure authentication, offering them the flexibility to leverage FIDO CTAP2.1 on a range of devices. This includes smart cards, biometric smart cards, and USB tokens. With this comprehensive solution, clients can confidently enhance their authentication mechanisms across multiple platforms, ensuring robust security and user-friendly experiences.

“We are excited to introduce FIDO CTAP 2.1 as a significant advancement in our mission to provide state-of-the-art security solutions,” said Magdy Sharawy, CEO at TrustSEC. “With this release, we aim to empower individuals and organizations worldwide with robust security measures that safeguard their digital identities and information.”


About TrustSEC

TrustSEC is a leading company in the information security field, founded by internationally recognized information security and cryptography experts. Using the latest technology in cryptography and biometric technology, TrustSEC develops innovative highly secure solutions for securing identities throughout the digital transformation journey of enterprises and governments (healthcare, utilities, transportation, banking, etc.)


With its uniquely developed biometric operating system for smart cards, BIO-SLCOS, TrustSEC offers a wide range of secure hardware and software solutions for authentication, identification, and payment as FIDO2 and PKI applets for authentication and CPACE / CPA common payment applications for payment, as well as other customized applications. Further information is available at


The TrustSEC team is showcasing their latest authentication, payment, and crypto assets with BIO-SLCOS during Identity Week Europe, June 13-14, 2023, in Amsterdam/Netherlands.

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