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    Frequently asked questions

    Why cyber security is so important?

    These days is unquestionable that information is one of the most important assets of our society, consequently protecting it is a major problem that must be taken to account, for an example it is predicted that in a period of four years 5,3 trillion dollars of assets will be at risk of cyberattacks.

    What are the threats from cyberattacks?

    The main threats of cyberattacks are malware, ransomware, Trojans, MitM attack, etc.

    What are tokens and who should use them?

    Tokens are gadgets used to carry an encrypted message that ensures that just the receiver of the message will be able to access it, and they are aimed to everyone which has the interest of keeping their information away from cyberattacks.

    What is Authentication?

    The process of authentication consists of establishing a link between a physical person and a corresponding digital identity.

    What is multi-factor authentication?

    Multi-factor authentication is a series of phases of authentication that have the purpose of ensuring the highest security possible through the three authentication factors which are  something you know (Passowd / pin), Something you have (token hardware) and something you are (Biometrics / fingerprint)

    What is two-factor authentication?

    It is providing secure authentication through only two of the three factors of authentication which are pin, hardware, and biometrics.

    What is a PKI token?

    This type of token works with a technology that is responsible of storing digital certificates and private keys, which are used to encrypt and decrypt messages.

    What is FIDO2 technology?

    FIDO2 is a standard for online authentication, created by the FIDO Alliance, which works with W3C and FIDO Client to Authenticator.

    Which operating systems Trustsec’s tokens are compatible with?

    Trustsec tokens can be easily integerated with any operating system.


    One Time Password Frequently Asked Questions

    What is OTP?

    OTP are the initials of one time password, which is a pin that is valid just for one login or transaction, the main benefit of this method is increasing security as OTP prevents shortcomings and opposed to static passwords OTP eliminate replay attacks.

    Who needs OTP?

    OTP is suitable for every business that wants to prevent fraud and have better standards of security in terms of access or payment.

    What are the OTP types?

    OTP Tokens are divided into two types: event-based (HOTP) and time-based (TOTP).

    What is Time-based OTP token?

    Time-based OTP tokens generate codes that are valid only for a certain amount of time (eg, 20 or 60 seconds), after which a new code is generated.

    Outsourcing FAQ

    Outsourcing Frequently Asked Questions

    What is software development outsourcing?

    Software development outsourcing is hiring a company to do a specific task such as the creation of a certain type of software, instead of creating an in-house team for doing so.

    What are TrustSec’s outsourcing technologies?

    TrustSec’s outsourcing technologies are desktop software development, system software development, mobile software development, embedded system development and Web/Clout software development.

    What are the methodologies used?

    TrustSec uses two main methodologies that are the agile and the waterfall.

    Why should you outsource software development?

    The benefits of outsourcing software development are uncountable, but the main are getting the work done by experienced team, saving costs, guarantee of high quality services and the fact that is easier and save time for the employer.

    Why should you choose Trustsec outsourcing services?

    Team of experts, professional project management, coping with the latest technology Trends, comitment to deadlines and competitive pricing.

    Why should you choose Trustsec outsourcing services?
    1. Fast growing economy
    2. Very skilled, multilingual workforce.
    3. Evolving IT market.
    4. US standards in IP protection and Data Security.
    5. Broad pool of IT graduates of AVG 80k YAELY
    6. Cultural and work ethics similarity.
    7. The cost of labor is low compared to US and Western Europe
    8. Quality technology infrastructure
    9. Attractive tax incentives (low inflation, low CIT, special economic zones)

    Smart Cards OS FAQ

    Smart cards and Smart Card Operating system Frequently Asked Questions

    What is software development outsourcing?

    The system that is responsible for managing communication protocols, storage, security services, and applications.

    What are the applets that could be added to smartcard?

    Smartcards can be used for different functions and fields, such as e-Government, e-Banking, e-Education and mobility services.

    What is a digital identity?

    A person’s or an entity’s data encrypted and stored as a code to ensure the user identity in the digital platforms.

    what is the digital identity used for?

    Digital identity is used to prove the user’s identity in accessing a platform, signing a document digitally, approving a payment, voting etc…