CPACE is a secure alternative payment option to EMV payment applications
(The international payment systems such as MasterCard and Visa)


TrustSEC CPACE  – Contactless Payment Solution

TrustSEC Contactless payment solution ( CPACE – Common Payment Application Contactless Extension) is an independent alternative to EMV products, that can be personalized based on domestic card schemes, providing all the security of the EMV infrastructure. TrustSEC Contactless payment solution was built on the EMVCo CPA standard for contact transactions and now has been extended for contactless payments.


Why TrustSEC CPACE Solution?

TrustSEC CPACE – Contactless payment solution combines both security, and flexibility in providing a turnkey solution 


Transactions performed with CPACE applet are very secure
as it follows the international EMV security standards.


Personalization of national card schemes allows countries
to be more independent of international card payment


In addition to the Payment applet, other applets could also
be Personalized on the card.


What do we offer?

Developing domestic scheme profile

Integrating with Terminals providers

Running in a Secure & Flexible environment

(Visa and MasterCard exist on the same card)

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