Bio OTP Smartcard

        Biometric OTP Smartcard

The Biometric OTP Smartcards are inherently more secure and practical than other OTP tokens because they generate a unique, non-reusable for each authentication event or in periodical basis method through an elastic thin card that could be easily kept in your pocket and not accessible by any other person because of the biometric feature.

The smartcard comes with a reader that is used for recharging and communication purposes. When fully charged the card will work around 1500 times before recharging is needed. The Card is also able to store several digital certificates encrypted inside the internal memory. The biometric subsystem protects these certificates from unauthorized use and allows only the rightful owner to release them through the reader.

  • Fast and Secure AccessA simple One touch will generate a temporary password whenever you need secure access!
  • Match-on-cardThe user's biometric data never leaves the card.
  • Biometric AuthenticationUsing the user unique fingerprints to generate one time password to eliminate fraud.
  • Full Integration with OTP backend systemsBiometric OTP smart card can integrated easily with any OTP server backend including ours.

Use your Fingerprint

                   as your Password!

Biometric OTP Smartcard

Use Cases



Keep your employee’s personal identity data out of reach from hackers through TrustSEC Biometric Personalized one-time password cards.

  • AD smooth Integration with TrustSEC backend systemTrustSEC Authentication Server can be integrated with your company's Active Directory through our API enabling automatic login to your corporate windows domain with a biometric generated OTP from the card.
  • Biometric AuthenticationUse your employees' fingerprints to generate OTP over our Biometric OTP smartcard to authenticate user identity and achieve a high level of security to your Domain, Web, ERP, and network access.
  • Fast and Secure AccessA simple One touch will generate a temporary password whenever you need secure access!
  • Automated Single Sign-OnSecure Single Sign-On Corporates which have SSO portal can provide high secure and seamless access to the company applications and websites. Using both Bio OTP cards and OTP backend server.
Financial Services

         Financial Services

TrustSEC biometric OTP Smartcard allows customers to securely authorize payments, as it replaces the static PIN-code used to authenticate user identity in payments with a dynamic OTP generated by the cardholder’s unique fingerprint when making any card payments online or when withdrawing money from an ATM.
Identity is verified when the algorithm matches the owner’s fingerprint with the template stored on the card.
The static 4-digit PIN is a thing of the past, the cardholder does not have to remember PIN codes anymore.

  • Secure PaymentOptimum Security as transactions are processed with the user unique fingerprint and moreover the card prevents abuse of stolen credit cards due to the built-in biometric protection.
  • Online PaymentImproved security in E-commerce transactions as the CVV code changes to one-time value created by the card holder's fingerprint with every use.

         Governmental Services

TrustSEC Biometric OTP Smartcard could be used to secure citizens’ digital access to government services, as it authenticates citizen identity with the fingerprint-generated OTP to confirm governmental transactions and prevent fraud.

Also, other applets could be added to the card to act as a power card that ensures other functionalities for example Secure physical access, etc.

  • Secure Web Services Access
  • Secure Physical Access
  • Authentication to Governmental mobile application services