Penetration Test

Identify Your Vulnerabilities

Stay ahead of criminal hackers with professional penetration testing.  Identify the weak spots in your organization’s security, and save your organization from cyber-attacks.

let our experts put your defence to the test. We use different pen-testing strategies to help pen-testing teams focus on the desired systems and gain insight into the types of attacks that are most threatening.

TrustSEC solid experience in cyber-security allowed us to help our clients eliminate the security vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure or applications.


Why Penetration Test?

Identify business risks

Penetration test helps you proactively identify vulnerabilities in your IT systems that can be exploited by hackers, and could expose the business to critical risks.


Evaluate the effectiveness of IT defenses

Ethical hacking through penetration testing can be used to check whether your IT security defenses would function effectively against real attacks.


Improve your IT security posture

Penetration testing allows you to proactively close the security gaps in your system and prevent future cyber-attacks.


Save business reputation

With penetration testing, you can proactively identify vulnerabilities and fix them before getting exposed to attacks that could ruin the business reputation or data stealing.


Information Security


Business Reputation




TrustSEC Penetration Test Types

Web Application Penetration Testing

Identifies unsafe development practices and exploitable vulnerabilities in your APIs, web applications, your websites… etc.

Network Penetration Testing

Identifies security vulnerabilities within networks and devices accessible from the Internet, as well as internal servers.

Application Penetration Testing

In an application penetration test, we analyze the entire application and search for logical and technical vulnerabilities.