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TrustSEC is a leading company in the information security field, founded by internationally recognized information security and cryptography experts. TrustSEC focuses on developing innovative highly secure hardware and software solutions that serve the digital transformation of governmental and financial services.

TrustSEC offers a wide pool of secure hardware and software solutions based on its uniquely, in-house developed operating system for smart cards- SLCOS, namely Biometric smartcards, and biometric tokens with a variety of in-house developed applets running over it;  Biometric FIDO2 applet, Biometric PKI applet, Contact / Contactless Common payment application CPA / CPACE and other customized applets.


Customization is one of TrustSEC edges, because of our capability of offering customized digital solutions based on clients’ requirements. Through our diverse and flexible business models, we ensure providing products and solutions that are seemingly tailored to customers’ needs and aspirations.


In addition to its unique products, TrustSEC offers a panel of professional services; of consultation, integration, testing, and outsourcing to help other companies benefit from its significant experience in the cryptographic development of products and solutions as well as project management.


TrustSEC has acquired Softlock inc in 2020. This new chapter for Softlock and TrustSEC is an important step for the information security field where two companies with their strengths combined will better serve the region. Working in parallel, the R&D of Softlock with accumulative 25 years of experience, and the professional supervision of TrustSEC Board who steer the organization towards a successful future, the two companies will provide the best-in-class secure digital experience to the benefit of individuals, entities, and governments!


Throughout the past 25 years, Softlock has been a leader in providing innovative information security solutions in the Middle East. Softlock has been focusing on research and development over the past 25 years. The company’s latest unique innovative solution was the smart card operating system SLCOS. With its strategy of innovation, Softlock is now developing smartcard solutions and applets that run on SLCOS to serve the different sectors under TrustSEC Supervision.

R&D research Programs

Research & Development Services

TrustSEC is a leading niche information technology (IT) company specialized in authentication solutions & data protection, Biometrics, and smart card Operating system. Every day we strive to match users’ needs with innovative solutions.


While we focus on the areas in which we excel, we also work in parallel on an internal R&D program, the program is an effective tool of the innovative activity management system for achieving the strategic goals of the Company and addressing challenges set out in the Innovative Development Program.


CEO and Founder of TrustSEC, Magdy Sharawy, said: “We can be proud of our crucial for innovation because we don’t only hold the knowledge to create competitive new products, we make sure we add value to entities and individuals to feel secure in the digital transformation era.


Europe Digital Transformation

TrustSEC actively participates in leading Information technology associations and organizations such as the Eurosmart organization, Klaster IT and SIBB. Our involvement in these groups allows us to advocate for a strong and comprehensive approach to strengthen cyber resilience and support Europe in its global race for technological leadership in the digital transition. Our contribution to these organizations and associations is a necessary step towards enhancing the laws and regulations proposed to the European Commission, fostering greater confidence and trust among stakeholders.


TrustSEC Board of Directors

Konstantin Papaxanthis

Board chairman

Entrepreneur with a 20 year long successful career within IT Security/ICT. Double degrees in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Stockholm. Extensive experience in complex business development, strategies & sales, operations, interim management and with an international network that spans over 60 countries.

Hans Graux

Vice Chairman

TrustSEC legal arm ensuring compliance, alignment with EU policies and the management of intellectual property rights. as an ICT lawyer, Hans has been working on electronic signatures and trust services for more than a decade, and also as an advisor to the European Commission, various European governments and private sector clients.

Stein Eitrheim

Board Member

A professional leader with extensive international experience as a board representative, operational executive, project director, and financial director. Background and experience from Strategic planning and execution, operational management, and business development. Documented excellent results in growing business, performance improvement and business management.

Michel Roig

Board Member

A seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in Sales, Product Management, and Supply Chain Management. This executive is known for their ambitious approach to business, characterized by forming strategic partnerships with leaders across various organizations to seamlessly align and bolster key business initiatives

Magdy Sharawi

CEO & Founder

Entrepreneur and technology visionary who played a key role in developing innovative encryption solutions in the middle east as the founder and CEO of Softlock. With more than 25 years of experience in cryptography, Magdy founded TrustSEC to be a leader in the European market.

Managing Director, A.E.T. Europe B.V. with more than 22 years of experience in the information security industry and the security software solutions as user identification, authentication, and digital signatures.


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