TrustSEC is very pleased to partner with eSignus and CardLab in the HASHWallet solution that deploys biometric authentication over hardware wallet. Delving into the design of the HASHhWallet solution represents an innovative use case, that solves the security problems of cryptocurrency and cryptoassets wallets.

After continuous development and successful collaboration of TrustSEC and CardLab to introduce a biometric card system combining security, and flexibility thanks to the on-board microprocessors that process all biometric and non-biometric data directly on the card, without a remote matching template. The Match-on-Card (MoC) technology stores the holder’s biometric data and protect the communications with encryption, and based on this solution the two companies have played a role in leveraging the usage of biometric smart cards that are mainly developed for ID, access, and payments, to be serving the digital transformation to Hardwallets in cooperation with the leading Spanish technology startup eSignus. eSignus is a Spanish startup led by a group of senior entrepreneurs highly experienced in the financial, technology, and crypto-security sectors.

“We have been very happy to work with CardLab and eSignus on an innovative hardware wallet in the shape of a convenient Smart Card to safeguard crypto-assets, I would also like to pay tribute to Fingerprints in Sweden and Infineon Technologies in Germany, for their contributions and positive collaboration. We are looking forward to more collaborations that will shape the future of financial services digital transformation” says TrustSEC CEO, Magdy Sharawy


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