A new insidious #malware bent on siphoning credit-card numbers from #point-of-sale (PoS) systems has recently been spotted on a crimeware forum.

The malware is spread via email, purporting to be a game involving “various pictures of cats.”

Researchers at Cisco Talos said in a Wednesday analysis that they discovered the malware, dubbed “GlitchPOS,” being peddled on the Dark Web for $250. The #GlitchPOS panel also includes other features provided by the seller to sweeten the malware package, including a dashboard, a “clients” list of the infected systems and a panel listing out the stolen #credit-card

“If they successfully obtain credit card details, they can use either the proceeds from the sale of that information or use the credit-card data directly to obtain additional exploits and resources for other malware,” researchers said. “Point-of-sale terminals are often forgotten about in terms of segregation and can represent a soft target for attackers.”

Ref: : https://threatpost.com/glitchpos-malware-credit-card/142804/

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