What is Mobile application security?

Mobile app security is the defensive mechanism used to safeguard mobile applications with its users’ info and defending mobile applications against Cyber-attacks and digital fraud as; malware, man in the middle attacks, app tampering, financial fraud, and other hacking techniques.

Why Does This Matter to individuals and companies?

The digital transformation of services, led people and businesses to use a dozen different mobile apps on a daily basis, As; apps for financial management, banks that require customers’ credentials, online shopping, etc.. The use of unprotected mobile applications have severe consequences on businesses and individuals.

The threats of Mobile Apps hacking

When a mobile application is compromised by malware or other hacking activity that exposes both the individuals and the companies to a high risk of being a victim of digital fraud. This includes…

  • Possibility of stealing financial login credentials
  • Credit card information stealing
  • Hackers access to business networks
  • Wholesale identity theft
  • The usage of the hacked device as a mean of spreading malware to uninfected devices etc . .

Such violations have many consequences that can be severe, including:

  • Negative end-user experiences
  • Negative, potentially permanent impact on the brand’s reputation
  • Ongoing financial losses

Unfortunately, 40% of organizations, including some Fortune 500, didn’t take active steps to protect their customers they’re developing the apps for.  Only 50% of these same organizations dedicate any resources toward mobile app security. And the most recent reports indicate that up to 95% of mobile applications are vulnerable to attacks.

Mobile Apps Security tips


As online fraud is constantly evolving, we recommend that companies should regularly test their apps for vulnerabilities, never rush development or patches, and monitor malware attacks.

Mobile Application Security Practices

Practices that expose individuals and companies to less mobile fraud threats.

  1. Only Download from Trusted Sources –We suggest downloading apps from the trusted app stores with high caution whenever downloading a new app, and the reporting of any suspicious activity.
  2. Avoid Saving Passwords – Discourage untrusted apps to save passwords on their system or in the cloud, as these can allow the private credentials to be harvested and used to hack other devices or networks.
  3. Invest in Mobile App Security –We recommend companies go further than the usual defensive mobile app security tactics and seek in-app protection suite that puts a protected layer between apps and the hacking practices.


The Guardian

Trustsec mobile application protection solution “The Guardian” provides a high level of security, allows you to focus on your business knowing we maintain a user-friendly protected app with no effect on the end-user experience!

The Guardian is your best choice for Mobile Application Protection as its automatic integration tool allows the developers to easily integrate and configure it to the app without slowing down the development process. It detects and prevents any threats in real-time and responds by taking the necessary measures to protect the mobile application. The Guardian protects the mobile application even on highly infected devices, it protects the app against attacks that are coming from other applications as it shields the app and protects the user data and the app from reverse engineering, malware and various types of attacks.

Ready to invest in your brand’s app security? Read more about Trustsec mobile application protection solution “The Guradian”



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