COVID-19 and Secure online exams revolution!


The COVID-19 outbreak forced many countries to extend schools’ and universities’ closure to protect the safety and wellbeing of its employees, teachers, and students. The pandemic had a direct impact on the educational system overall, It is almost impossible for schools and universities to hold examinations. Many universities worldwide have suspended their exams and requested research papers instead.

Considering these unprecedented circumstances, many educational entities have adopted online exams to support the students, so they can continue with their education journeys as soon as possible.

To ensure fairness for all the students who have worked hard, and to continue the educational cycle, it was essential to use more layers of authentication to assure Identities in online exams & E-learning. It is essential to verify who is really taking the test. That’s why adding a security layer of authentication is essential to avoid cheating and confirm identities. The simple username and password authentication used in verifying the user identity used wasn’t secure enough as passwords can be easily shared or cracked.  One-time password (OTP) and FIDO2 are more secure solutions and with the advancement in biometrics, it is more reliable to verify the physical presence of the enrolled learner at login and throughout the test session.

About OTP

(OTP) is a type of password that is valid for only one use. It is a secure way to provide access to an application or perform actions for only one time. The password becomes invalid either after a small time frame as it changes every certain time or no of clicks on used devices, devices could be software like Mobile application or hardware

There are multiple ways to spread OTP with desired students, like Hardware devices, Mobile applications (Android – IOS), SMS, or Email. The most popular is the Mobile application and the most secure is the hardware device.

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