TrustSec Supervisory Board Members 2021.

PRESS-RELEASE 2021-02-16

Poland, Szczecin (February 16, 2021) – TrustSec is pleased to announce the appointment of three new supervisory board members, Konstantin Papaxanthis, Hans Graux, Stein Eitrheim, and Reinoud Weijman as an advisor to the Board, who all have extensive experience in the information security market and who will add significant value to TrustSec.

Konstantin Papaxanthis has accepted a position as our board chairman. He is an entrepreneur with a 20 year long successful career within IT Security/ICT, innovation management, an expert on setting up State/National programs for the issuance of National eID Cards, DLs, ePassports, mobile Driving Licenses/mobile IDs, Trust Centers, MedTech/Health Care in several countries.

He has extensive experience in complex business development, strategies & sales, operations, interim management, and an international network that spans over 60 countries.

As a turnaround and growth specialist with broad experience from innovation management and a strong visionary, being Group CEO, Founder, Owner of the Swedish Mobile Driving Licenses & Mobile IDs provider, Scytáles AB, Member of the Board and Member at the Board of Trustees of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Board of Trust1Team and the eID Forum, we believe our new board chairman will strengthen our leading position in the market by creating new partnerships in Europe.

Hans Graux has accepted a position as our vice-chairman. He is an ICT lawyer at the bar of Brussels, and a founding partner in the law firm Timelex, a firm specialized in information and technology law. Since obtaining a Law degree (2002) and completing a complementary study in Informatics (2003), he has been involved professionally in ICT Law throughout his professional career.

Hans Graux was a part of the legal team advising the European Union in the establishment of the eIDAS Regulation on electronic identification and trust services (including electronic signatures and timestamps), and assists multiple European governments in legal and policy matters related to this topic and to information security in general. He provides specialized legal assistance to ID and information security companies and research initiatives, both in Europe and internationally, and is an internationally recognized legal expert in electronic authentication.


Stein Eitrheim as a board member, a seasoned business professional with extensive international experience as a board representative and executive director. Stein holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Administration and has worked more than 20 years in the ICT business domain in companies like Telenor, Banetele, and Norconsult Telematics. He has a proven track record in change management with extensive experience in strategic planning and operational execution. Stein currently works in a senior management consulting capacity, offering advisory services to both national and international clients.

Stein was the project lead of setting up Telenor in Pakistan and headed up the performance improvement program in the company’s mobile value chain in Norway. As a keen entrepreneur, Stein has initiated several start-ups and supported funding initiatives concerning new businesses. Stein is a customer-centric leader who thrives when operating in the business and technology interface, whilst exploring new opportunities and services suited for efficient digital transformation.

We are also glad to announce Reinoud Weijman joining as Board Advisor to TrustSec. Reinoud is the Managing Director at A.E.T. Europe B.V. with more than 22 years of experience in the information security industry and security software solutions as user identification, authentication, and digital signatures.

“We’re excited to expand our board with three new members who have great and diverse expertise in the information security field and who will be a great addition to the company. We have worked diligently to ensure TrustSec is providing state of the art technologies, we believe under the supervision of a dedicated team of information security leaders who are committed to providing vision, strength, and stability to TrustSec, we would reach higher levels of productivity and innovations”, said Founder and CEO Dr. Magdy Sharawy.


About TrustSec

TrustSec is founded by internationally recognized information security and cryptography experts. Launched in 2016, the company aims to fill the gap in the cybersecurity market, Securing data assets, and digital identity against unauthorized access, cyber-attacks, hacking, through its state-of-the-art and innovative products and solutions.


What TrustSec offers:

Through TrustSec pool of experts and its business-driven innovative solutions, TrustSec offers its uniquely, in-house developed operating system for smart cards- SLCOS, a variety of products and solutions, that cover Software protection, data encryption, OTP, and security hardware namely PKI tokens and FIDO2 tokens in addition to its unique panel of professional services; of consultation, integration, testing, and outsourcing to help the other companies benefit from the latest available advances in cryptography to improve their products and services.


TrustSec 2020

TrustSec has acquired Softlock inc in 2020.  This new chapter for TrusfSec and Softlock is an important step for the information security field where two companies with their strengths combined will better serve the region. Working in parallel, the R&D of Softlock with accumulative 25 years of experience, and the professional supervision of TrustSec Board steer the organization towards a successful future, the two companies will provide the best-in-class secure digital experience to the benefit of individuals, entities, and governments!

Throughout the past 25 years, Softlock has been a leader in providing innovative information security solutions in the Middle East. Softlock has been focusing on research and development over the past 25 years. The company’s latest unique innovative solution was the smart card operating system SLCOS. With its strategy of innovation, Softlock is now developing smartcard solutions and applets that run on SLCOS to serve the different sectors under TrustSec Supervision.

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