FIDO2 Tokens – Unique Passwordless Experience!

Passwords only are considered the least secure authentication in the security chain. End users have way too many passwords to manage and they are impossible to remember. Difficult passwords get forgotten frequently and that results in higher administrative and help desk work and consequently higher costs.

TrustSec worked on Creating a unique Passwordless Experience, TrustSec announces the release of its two-factor authentication FIDO2 Tokens in addition to offering a multifactor authentication fido u2f key s, providing a higher level of security with biometrics.

Fingerprint FIDO2 token is a great step forward in identification and authentication, enabling passwordless access to business-critical resources with biometric fingerprint eliminating phishing attacks levels to its minimum. TrustSec is proud to be leading this effort to provide our customers with a passwordless experience of two and multi-factor authentication.

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  • Wow, great informative article about the fido2 and the passwordless experience. I believe it is the future of the web authentication. Thnx …

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