Fingerprints all the way – We are pleased to announce the release of the TrustSec Biometric FIDO2 Smartcard after one month of 2021! we are proud to add one more #passwordless solution to our wide range of #FIDO2 Keys.


TrustSec Biometric Fido2 smartcard 

Replace password-based authentication with  TrustSec latest innovations “Biometric Fido2 Smartcard” for a hassle-free, secure passwordless authentication, and a smart design that fits into your wallet.

Instead of the usual passwords, now TrustSec has released its most secure web authentication FIDO2 key over a #smartcard that is pocket-size, reliable, durable, and provides optimum security and protection for your credentials.

With most of the companies around the world are shifting their web auth to FIDO2 tech for its security and easiness, it’s a privilege to keep up with the new tech trend with the extra security factor “Fingerprint” through TrustSec #FIDO2 #biometric #Smartcard.

The Cards Unlock Windows 10 and Mac plus MFA for major cloud accounts, Support Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter, and many more!!

About FIDO2 Technology

FIDO2 is the latest specification of FIDO Alliance (Fast Identity Online), which was created to provide open and license-free standards for secure, Web Authentication. First came FIDO U2F, then FIDO UAF and lately followed by the FIDO2.

At its core, FIDO2 consists of the Client tAuthenticator Protocol (CTAP) and the W3C standard WebAuthn, which together enable authentication, where users identify themselves with cryptographic authenticators (such as biometrics or PINs) or external authenticators (such as FIDO keys, wearable or mobile devices) to a, trusted WebAuthn remote peer (also known as a FIDO2 server) that typically belongs to a website or web app.

Now with this advanced tech released by the beginning of the year, we are more excited about the new innovations we can provide to the market and we are looking forward to a year jampacked with new releases that provide more identity security to individuals and companies all around the world.

Check TrustSec Security keys range to choose from single-factor, two-factor, or multi-factor keys for secure login, over different platforms for different verticals with a variety of authentication scenarios.

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