Secure Computer Access


Secure Computer Access

A solution that establishes a secure access to computers. This solution can be applied to computers located in Domain and personal computers as well. E-Code Secure Computer Access provides extra security with two or Three Factors Authentication based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

This solution is intended to provide a hardware authentication technique to computer through secure domain login.  In this method, E-Code Smart Token is used to hold a user certificate and will be used as the user credentials. Thus, the user is identified to the domain using the certificate stored on the token. Accessing personal computers is done with no need to domain server to validate the user credentials. The whole process will be done on the machine.



Benefits of implementing TrustSec  Computer access PKI solution

High Security

A number of security mechanisms are employed, helping significantly to eliminate the risk of fraud, attacks and misuse from unauthorized individuals and hackers.

The user ID is stored on secure Hardware that cannot be duplicated. The hardware is protected by user PIN/Fingerprint to assure only the token owner will use it.

Easy Administration

TrustSec PKI solution for Computer access domain login provides easy and simple method to control the access to the computers using Certificate Revocation List (CRL). CRL enables the admin to prevent a user from access the computers temporarily or permanently.


by implementing TrustSec solution for enterprise computer access, the enterprise will not have any limitations on supported machines or operating systems.TrustSec supports both Windows and Linux

Ease of use

By implementing TrustSec Secure Enterprise PKI computer access, computer login is very easy operation to the end user. User will just plug the token and type the PIN.

Standards Complied

TrustSec PKI Enterprise Computer access solution supports the X.509 standards and CRL standards version 3.0

Easy Management

TrustSec personal computer access solution provides easy way to manage the login credentials as the admin here is also the end user. When the user needs to change the credentials, E-Code Personal Protector facilitates this easily.

Easy installation

For the personal computer access, there is no system admin. Only the computer user will install the solution and use it later. Hence, the solution must be easy to install, configure and deploy. E-Code delivers Secure Computer Access solution that is user friendly installation.