E- Government

Governments around the world are turning to e-governments solutions and moving forward with a more robust digital identity system. e-government is turning identification and services to more efficient, qualified and more individual satisfactory day to day solutions. it is combining a high level of trust and convenience. A digital ID is a way for people to identify themselves electronically without the need to present physical documents


Governmental applications

TrustSec E-Government solutions are based on PKI standards that provide digital identification and e-signature with end-to-end functionality and also provide CA with customized functions to entities with different capacities.

Governmental CA
Route CA
CA Enterprise

Our CAs are integrated, and capable of registering, managing, and verifying unique and secure official identities for the entire population of a country. Our solutions will enable users to access the e-gov portals and benefit from the e-services provided by the government service providers. Also Governments provided with our CA could be main providers to roots and enterprises.