Enterprise Security Suite

Information Security is a necessity for every enterprise
Strong security solutions are very important especially with the increase of cybersecurity everyday attacks and enterprises struggle. The usage of software systems in any enterprise without strong security could lead to cyberattacks, data loss, and many problems. Normal security systems and policies do not stop Internal or External threats as follows.

Internal Threats

Enterprise Internal Threats

The Cybercrimes that face enterprises from inside the company

Internal threats are from individuals that have everyday access to data and files. Insiders can be extremely difficult to detect or to protect against because they have legitimate access to the system

They can misuse the company’s IT resources to perform port scans on outside systems and initiate attacks from inside the company.

  • Send confidential information (salary, secret trade) to unauthorized recipients.
  • spread SPAM, SCAM, and/or malicious code.
  • Download or upload obscene, offensive or illegal material.
  • Invade another person’s privacy and sensitive information.
  • Perform unauthorized or illegal actions, like hacking, fraud, buying/selling illegal goods and more.

From the High-Risk Construction Oversight Study (HRCO), 41 recommendations were developed to strengthen the safety and oversight of these activities recommendations.

External Threats

Enterprise External Threats

Get to know the cybercrime threats that face the enterprise from outside the company

External threats could be Outside intruders can be hackers/crackers, and Sniffers on network traffic also through reverse engineering, malware, ransomware etc.…

They can misuse the company’s information.

  • Stealing clients bank accounts and information
  • Block the system
  • Change in the sent emails
  • Attach trojan or malicious viruses
  • Blackmailing

TrustSec Enterprise Suite for Secure daily functions

TrustSec has developed highly secure PKI, fido2, and OTP solutions, covering enterprises’ daily interactions and transactions. These solutions are issued on our secure Smart Cards or tokens based on every Client’s needs.

Fido2 Security Keys

2FA and MFA Fido2 Security Keys for passwordless secure Web authentication


PKI Tokens

2FA and MFA (biometric) PKI Tokens and smart cards for complete PKI solution, digital signature, and digital identity management solutions that allow organizations to secure access to their websites, domains, connected devices, and applications.


OTP Solutions

Secure login through TrustSec OTP solutions. OTP solutions are secure because they provide a unique, non-reusable password for each authentication. TrustSec offers two-factor authentication/ Multi-factor authentication “biometric OTP” OTP token-based or smartcard-based.

We Guarantee Secure

Secure Access

Secure Computer Access, Secure Network Access, Secure VPN Access, and Secure Web Access

Secure Exchange

Providing hardware-based Encryption methods for data security, Document Security, and Email Security

Secure Backup

Encrypting data while backing-up by integrating with the restoring tool, the solution will use authorized user’s private certificate to decrypt and access files

Secure Storage

Providing a secure and trusted system for data storage that establishes confidentiality and trust for normal users. Based on E-Code Smart Token and E-Code Secure USB drive, this solution provides the fingerprint Authentication

Secure Communication

Providing Private, Secure and customizable Messenger for communications in highly sensitive organizations