TrustSec Smart ID Health Card

TrustSec smart card is an electronic card containing a chip and it is similar to a mini computer, that has the personal and medical information stored securely and it is very difficult to duplicate or falsify.

The smart card stores the:

  • Patient personal Info; national ID, address and a photo.
  • Emergency information, blood type and the name of the family doctor.
  • Health Insurance terms and exclusions.
  • Encrypted medical history to ensure safety of data.

TrustSec smart cards ensure Ultimate security of the information as the only way to access such data is through a special password/ biometric and card reader.

Get rid of medical fraud

No more

    • use of another person insurance card
    • forging prescriptions
    • charging for medical services not provided
    • manipulating patients’ diagnosis to provide unneeded medical services
    • charging of more expensive service than provided

TrustSec Smart-ID Health Card Guarantees the following

Secure Access

Secure Computer Access, Secure Network Access, Secure VPN Access, and Secure Web Access

Secure Exchange

Providing hardware-based Encryption methods for data security, Document Security, and Email Security

Secure Backup

Encrypting data while backing-up by integrating with the restoring tool, the solution will use authorized user’s private certificate to decrypt and access files

Secure Storage

Providing a secure and trusted system for data storage that establishes confidentiality and trust for normal users. Based on E-Code Smart Token and E-Code Secure USB drive, this solution provides the fingerprint Authentication

Secure Communication

Providing Private, Secure and customizable Messenger for communications in highly sensitive organizations